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Due to the rising need for affordable and quality dental services, Bayswater dentist is well located near Wantirna South. We offer different dental services, including emergency dentistry. Therefore, if you are in Wantirna South and its surroundings and you are looking for a dentist, Bayswater Dentist is the place to visit. Here are some of the services offered at our clinic.

Root Canal

This is one of the most dreaded dental procedures. People often associate the treatment with pain. However, with the recent advancements in dentistry, root canal treatment is now painless and has less discomfort.

A root canal means the tissue under or inside your tooth is infected and inflamed. To treat this kind of infection, the dentist needs to carry out a dental procedure and remove the infected tissue. Before the procedure, the dentist will talk to you and choose your preferred anaesthesia, depending on your level of anxiety.


Most people associate dentures with old age. However, a lot of people may require dentures as a restoration treatment in case of tooth loss. Dentures can be used to replace a single or a couple of natural teeth. They can also be removed, especially at night, for cleaning. Denture fitting will require a number of visits to the dentist for proper moulding and fitting.

Dental Bonding

This is one of the ways you can repair chipped or damaged teeth. The process involves the use of resin, which is a form of plastic-like material that matches the shade of your natural teeth. The treatment is less invasive, especially when the dentist is dealing with some minor imperfections. The dentist might use several layers of resin on your tooth and dry it using a special dental light. It will then be polished and smoothened to match other natural teeth.


Today, most dental practices are moving away from using metal braces and are adapting Invisalign. A majority of people are not comfortable walking around with metal braces on their mouths. Invisalign is popular since they use a clear material that is not easily noticeable to straighten crooked teeth. The treatment might be slower compared to metal braces but very effective.

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Your smile is part of your personality. It is what identifies you. People will always give their opinion of you, depending on how bright your smile is. That is why it is vital to take care of it by practising good dental hygiene and visiting the dentist at least twice a year.

We at Bayswater Dentist near Wantirna South are heard for you. We offer several dental services, including the ones mentioned above. Call us to schedule an appointment with us today!