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Accessing Superannuation to Pay for Dental Treatments

At Bayswater Dentist, our top priority is delivering premier oral healthcare to every patient we serve.

We recognize that significant dental procedures like dental implants and wisdom teeth removal can carry hefty price tags that financially place them out of reach. Thanks to our partnership with Access My Super, we now offer customized payment options to promote dental health equity that utilises your superannuation funds for essential treatment.

Can I Access My Superannuation to Pay for My Dental Procedures?

In Australia, people can tap into their super account balances to pay for major necessary dental bills. To qualify, you need to provide documentation to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) validating hardship or compassionate reasons. Based on this paperwork, the ATO may then authorize early partial withdrawal or full release of your retirement savings. Specifically, the ATO looks for proof that you have acute dental troubles requiring urgent care or chronic long-term oral health issues requiring pricey treatment. They also mandate confirmation that you will allocate the super payout solely to alleviate your dental pain, infection, or dysfunction through prompt medical intervention.

Distinguishing Acute Versus Chronic Dental Pain

Think of acute dental distress as sudden-onset or rapidly intensifying problems spurring an emergency dental visit. For example, a toothache that arises unexpectedly from a cracked molar or a dental abscess that appears overnight would qualify as acute. In contrast, chronic dental afflictions linger persistently over longer durations. Ongoing tooth decay needing fillings, gum infection necessitating deep cleanings, or crooked teeth calling for realignment all exemplify chronic dental issues. To be considered chronic, the condition must last a minimum of three months and tend to progress gradually with an indefinite ultimate resolution timeline.

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Core Eligibility Criteria

Along with documentation verifying acute dental conditions or chronic dental disease, applicants must satisfy this vital eligibility checklist to access superannuation capital for oral healthcare:

  • No other viable avenue to fund the required treatment
  • Essential therapeutic services, not elective aesthetics
  • The public healthcare system cannot supply needed dental interventions

Common Approved Procedures you can Access with My Super

Most individuals tap into super to finance All-on-4 or conventional full-arch dental implants to replace failing dentition. However, certain orthodontic treatments for bite correction, tooth realignment, and root canal therapy to salvage severely compromised teeth are also suitable. To streamline the super access process, we supply customized Treatment Plans outlining proposed dental solutions for each unique patient situation.

Who is Access My Super?

Access My Super is a company that represents specialized professionals who assist everyday citizens in navigating the complex process of having early access to funds from their superannuation accounts to cover essential dental treatments. Boasting expert knowledge across superannuation regulations and Australian tax codes, they evaluate applicant eligibility and guide clients through required paperwork. This trusted team of financial and legal experts leverages their mastery to deliver successful super payouts on compassionate medical grounds. They boast a 100% approval rating, thanks to meticulous case preparation and patient advocacy throughout every application phase. Plus, Access My Super stands behind its work with an ironclad “No Approval, No Fee” satisfaction guarantee.

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Advantages of Using Access My Super for Your Dental Expenses

  • Streamlined superannuation funds application process.
  • Taxation and superannuation guidance from specialists.
  • Hand-holding support from start to finish.
  • Specialists handle everything for smooth sailing.
  • Zero-risk preliminary evaluation.
  • Receive funds in as little as ten days post-approval!

Arrange an Access My Super payment option today.

Regardless of your current financial situation, you can embark upon urgent dental treatments to alleviate pain, halt disease progression, restore function, boost confidence, and reinvent your smile. Please call our friendly front office team for a same-day appointment to discuss utilizing Access My Super for funding. We look forward to helping you regain oral wellness!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You may qualify if you hold Australian or New Zealand citizenship or permanent residency status. The key factors include current acute dental distress or chronic dental afflictions plus:

  • No other payment option to afford the necessary treatment.
  • Essential therapeutic care, not elective aesthetics.
  • Public health is unable to provide the indicated dental interventions.

No strict dollar limits exist on early super withdrawals for healthcare costs. You can access the full amount required to cover your customized treatment plan.

In this scenario, you may leverage your spouse or partner's retirement savings in line with your super to fund indicated dental interventions fully.

You generally gain access to funds from the initial case review through approval confirmation in approximately 14 calendar days. The experts at Access My Super supply regular status updates throughout the rapidly completed process.

With extensive experience, Access My Super boasts an unblemished 100% approval rate track record. However, they furnish a comprehensive written rejection rationale directly from the ATO's desk in any unfathomable denial. Plus, their guaranteed "No Approval, No Fee" policy refunds service fees paid.

You need active MyGov and Australian Taxation Office (ATO) online portal accounts connected to one another. We also provide customized Treatment Plans, which is a requirement from ATO.

Double-check that your super account balance can sufficiently fund treatment expenses. Also, confirm your ATO and MyGov accounts remain in good standing with current contact information entered in user profiles. Now, let's get you on the path to renewed oral wellness!