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Crowns & Bridges

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If you are missing a tooth or a couple of them, getting a dental crown and bridge is the most affordable solution to restore your natural smile. Dentists rely upon these prosthetic devices in place of traditional removable options such as dentures which are bound to slide around or even fall out.

Dental crowns cap decaying or damaged teeth or placed on top of dental implants to replace missing teeth. On the other hand, bridges replace missing teeth with replacement teeth that rest on the gums where the missing teeth were. They have two or more crowns on each end to fuse to existing teeth or get attached to dental implants.

At Bayswater Dental, our goal is to perform restorations that feel and look natural with our custom-made crowns and bridges. Working with our dentists, we can evaluate the level of tooth damage and work on a solution that’s the best fit for your needs. All our bridges and crowns are spruced locally for quick turnaround and quality assurance. The result is undetectable dentistry with zero compromises on your comfort.


A tooth crown, also known as a tooth cap, helps repair the structure of damaged teeth by acting as a protective cap over the unsightly teeth that don’t necessarily require removal. They are convenient when dealing with decayed and broken teeth, with the cap helping in restoring functionality to the damaged teeth. The primary function of a dental crown procedure is to protect the cap of the damaged tooth.

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A dental cap can be made from various materials or a mixture of them, depending on your aesthetic preferences and functionality. There are different types of dental crowns ranging from gold and metal alloys, but these tend to get noticed as they don’t look much like your teeth. On the other hand, ceramic, acrylic, and porcelain crowns have a more natural teeth-like hue.

Benefits of dental bridges

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  • Help restore your natural smile and facial appearance.
  • They can help to chew food more easily
  • They prevent neighbouring teeth from naturally drifting out of position

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Crowns are a suitable option to cap a damaged tooth or implant, while bridges are used to cover spaces of missing teeth.

Yes. Bridges are ideal for the front teeth because they look just like a natural teeth. Besides, they are more affordable if you have multiple teeth missing.

Cost of crown will be between $1200 to $1500 depending on the material used. The Cost of bridge will depend on the number of units and the material used. For a 3-unit bridge it normally ranges between $4500 to $4900. Every patient is different and hence the cost would vary depending on every circumstance.

Dental bridges are the best option for missing teeth, while dental crowns are best for damaged teeth that can still work. Talk to our dentist at Bayswater Dentist to know which one best fits you.

The procedure of putting dental crowns and bridges is almost painless because local anaesthesia is used. However, some people experience slight tenderness after the procedure, which could last for a few days.

With good oral hygiene, bridges and dental crowns can last a lifetime . Be sure to see your dentist regularly for regular dental crown cleaning.