Options to Restore Multiple Teeth

Multiple Teeth Restoration

Tooth decay, injury, a genetic condition, or gum disease can be the reason behind your missing teeth. Regardless of why you have several missing teeth, if you want to replace several missing teeth or want to improve your mouth’s overall appearance, there are incredible treatments option available to enhance your smile and boost your confidence.

Let’s have a look at three options available to replace several missing teeth, plus their pros and cons and cost information.

Fixed dental bridges

This teeth restoration method is effective for individuals missing several teeth, especially in the same area. A fixed bridge basically closes a gap caused by missing teeth using artificial teeth prosthetics and stacked to the adjacent teeth. The prosthetic is then bonded using dental cement to give you a good mouth appearance.

Depending on the type of material used in fixed dental bridges, the cost of this method of teeth replacement varies. Essentially, you can be charged about $3000 to $5000 for a single bridge. Interestingly, some insurance coverage may help reduce the cost burden for teeth replacement.

This method of restoring multiple teeth is similar and feels like natural teeth. Plus, it is typically less costly than dental implants and also improves your natural teeth appearance.

However, dental bridges are not easy to clean your teeth underneath bridge. Besides, bacteria and plaque could leak underneath the bridge and cause infection and tooth decay.

Dental implants

Whether you are missing several teeth or a single tooth, this method is ideal for teeth replacement. Dentists surgically mount a titanium metal frame or post into either the lower or upper jaw, then replacement teeth are mounted on the implant to ensure the teeth remain in place. This provides a stable base for your teeth.

Ranging from $3000 to $6000 for a single tooth, you can get all your missing teeth restored. Your dental insurance cover can also help settle your charges. However, the cost of replacing teeth differs depending on several factors.

The biggest advantage of choosing dental implants is that your teeth can last for decades and resembles natural teeth. Besides, nearby teeth remain intact since they are not involved, like in the case of the fixed dental bridge.

Dental implants involve a surgical procedure meaning you must be in good physical health to ensure nothing goes wrong while in surgery. Also, it can take several months before you get completely healed.  Besides, compared to other teeth replacement methods, dental implants are a bit expensive.

Removable partial dentures

Your dentist may recommend complete dentures if you have to replace all your teeth. However, if you only need to replace some of your missing teeth, removable partial dentures may be the ultimate option.

This teeth restoration method entails replacement teeth annexed to a natural-looking pink base. Your natural teeth thus stay in place and hold the plastic base, though some dentures contain a clasp that attaches to natural teeth.

Thanks to the pink color, the base resembles your gum to give you a decent and natural smile. As such, you can go for removable partial dentures if you want to replace several teeth in both or one part of your mouth, as it will make you look normal.

While cost varies with factors such as location and whether you need to replace multiple teeth in one part of the jaw or both, the price of removable partial dentures generally ranges from 1500 to 3000 dollars. Besides, you don’t have to worry about settling these dental charges since some insurance covers you.

Compared to other multiple teeth replacement options, removable partial dentures are less expensive, making this option more accessible for you. Besides, repairing and replacing dentures is a more straightforward task compared to other teeth restoration options. Plus, most people will not notice the difference between dentures and natural teeth, and you will feel and look normal whenever you smile.

The disadvantage of partial dentures is that some individuals might find them uncomfortable, although you can adjust to wearing them. Also, the dentures have to be removed and cleaned every single day. Besides, you have to take them out before bed. That being said, this constant handling means you have to be extremely careful as the dentures are more susceptible to damage.


Whether you lost your teeth through injury, decay or gum disease, there are many excellent options to restore missing teeth. Each method has its share of pros and cons, but our Bayswater dentist will assist you to weight based on your needs and budget.