Five Simple Tips that Will Keep Your Dentures from Breaking

Tips that Will Keep Your Dentures from Breaking

Dentures or false teeth are removable appliances that help people with missing teeth eat and smile with confidence. When properly taken care of, a set can last for a very long time. However, they do require some maintenance, and it is important that patients know how to identify issues in the early stages.

Dentures are not as sturdy as they seem, and they can break in ways that you may not anticipate. Save yourself from possibly having to have emergency denture repair work. Here are some simple tips that will keep your dentures from breaking.

1. Make Use of a Denture Adhesive

Most patients worry that their freshly placed dentures might fall off and break quite easily. However, this fear is avoidable if you make use of a recommended denture adhesive. Such adhesives come in various types, such as liquids, creams, and powders. When the adhesive is applied, it mixes with saliva, which causes the dentures to hold on. As a result, a strong link is created between the dentures and the gums hence making them stay in position.

2. Handle Dentures with Care and Always Create a Safe Landing Spot

Dentures can deform or break if you handle them too roughly. Use a mirror when putting full or partial dentures in your mouth so that you can clearly see when you are pushing them into the correct position. Avoid rushing or trying to force the dentures in place.

It is easy to accidentally drop your dentures while cleaning or walking when your mind is wandering off somewhere else. Your grip on it when you try to pick it up might not be as fast as you think it is. And the next thing you know, your dentures are on the ground in pieces. Always be more diligent when handling your dentures to avoid such accidents. Additionally, make it a habit to put a towel in place while handling your dentures in case you drop them.

3. Keep your Dentures Moist

The base of your dentures is made of flexible polymer material. When this material is moist, it tends to bend easily, so you can place your dentures in position easily without a struggle. However, if you let your dentures dry out, this material could become brittle and break. Always make sure you put your dentures in water or denture-soaking solution every night to keep the base moist. This is an extremely important tip and something you should not forget to do if you are serious about protecting your dentures from breaking. Additionally, you will give your gums and mouth a break as you sleep, thus lowering the possibility of gum inflammation or irritation.

4. Use the Right Toothpaste and Swap Gum for Breath Mints

Regular toothpaste can be a bit too harsh on your dentures, which can potentially weaken the overall structure. Always ensure that you get the right toothpaste formulated for your dentures. Also, make sure to brush gently using a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Additionally, if you struggle with sticky foods such as gum and you are worried that your dentures may slip and break, then you can try switching your chewing gum for breath mints. This is a good way of keeping your dentures securely in place and still enjoying fresh breath.

5. Address Any Cracks as soon as Possible and Ask for Adjustment

You should examine your dentures regularly to check for chips and fractures. What starts as a hairline crack can easily turn into a broken appliance that can seriously harm your mouth. If you spot any flaws in your dentures, visit your dentist immediately. In most cases, early intervention can prevent you from incurring expensive costs. In addition, if your dentures do not seem to fit your mouth properly, ensure to ask the dentist to make some adjustments. It is possible for the dentist to adjust your dentures to fit perfectly. It is also recommended to have your dentures adjusted if you have had them for a long time, as your mouth tends to change in shape over the years.

Bottom Line

Dentures are a worthwhile investment, and a set can help in restoring confidence in a person. Therefore, one must know how to properly care for them. Taking care of your dentures might feel like a huge responsibility, but if you follow the mentioned tips, you can help flip the odds in your favour towards having them for many years without any issues.

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